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Prarthana School

A quest to develop an education system engineered for the welfare of learners and  the betterment of mankind, has evolved as “Prarthana School”.


“Prarthana School” is guided by thoughtfully defined vision, mission, philosophy and carefully designed systems to realize them.


WELCOME TO Prarthana School The Logo

The logo comprises of…..

quesletter “P” – initial letter of Prarthana. It is formed by joining  2part a question mark and “!” an exclamation mark. These are the most important marks in human history. All the major innovations, discoveries and inventions have stemmed from  2parta question mark. All the solutions and answers have always astonished and encouraged the mankind to move ahead.

circle Inner circle The inner circle represents life. The circle also represents completeness. If we want to experience completeness or fullness, we must hold on to the centre (Purpose) till the circle (Life) is completed.

outhercircle Outer circle The outer circle represents sun – the ultimate source of light. Every form of life that exists on earth owes its existence to the heat and energy gifted by sun. Service, regularity, continuity, balance, family values, are few of the many virtues of the Sun to be imbibed in life.

Purpose; Choice; Balance; and Harmony are the four guiding principles on which the entire modality of Prarthana School is based. We believe that for any person to become a ‘Good Human’ and to live a happy, meaningful, and successful life, these principles are inevitable.

part1As per Indian culture anything which is “True”, “Good”, “Useful” and of prime importance to the welfare of mankind, should be represented using part1  symbol. So the logo of Prarthana is inscribed using part1 symbol.


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