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Prarthana Panchamrut

Heartiest Welcome to Prarthana family…..

To develop your character & competence, you are expected to understand the panchamrut…..
  • Never go to bed without completing the day’s work.
  • Keep clarifying your doubts from teachers until you understand.
  • Start your day with the blessings from your parents.
  • Start every activity with a prayer – Prarthana.
  • Remember – you are here to become a “Good Human.”
As an important member of Prarthana family, you are expected to commit yourself to develop at personal and professional levels. Panchamrut for the same is as follows…..
  1. Personal level : (Character)
    • Physically fit and healthy
      • Regular exercise, surya-namashkar, pranayam, walking, swimming
    • Emotionally stable
      • Meditation, observing silence / nature
    • Mentally sharp
      • Reading, solving puzzles, discussing, sharing
    • Socially useful
      • Contributing , serving, adding value and meaning
    • Spiritually enriched
      • In harmony with self and others
  2. Professional level : (Competence) 
    • Love your profession
      • Remember teaching is the only profession that provides opportunity to facilitate and create the future.
      • Teaching is not a tool to prepare students for life but life itself.
    • Love your student
      • Be compassionate. Accept and respect every student irrespective of his/her achievements.
      • Build trust; catch them right and redirect in order to nurture them into good humans.
    • Love your subject
      • Be passionate. Master your subject so well that every fibre of your being reflects the essence of it.
      • Remember that if you can’t make it simple, you haven’t understood it well.
    • Avoid criticizing, complaining, comparing, competing and contending.
    • Align your personal goals with the vision, mission and philosophy of your organization.
  • Strive sincerely to practice these commitments daily because secret of success is found in your daily routine.
  • Remember – Purpose, Choice, Balance & Harmony can be the epicentres of happiness and success or failure and misery…. choice is yours!!!
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