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At Prarthana, innovative concepts are pioneered and integrated into the school system. Thus children studying at Pratthana enjoy distinct advantages.

“No Tuition Policy” :

  • Teaching methods are scientifically designed. Students can understand concepts so well that they don’t need to go for any extra tuitions.
  • If any student needs extra guidance or support, the same is taken care by school teachers.
  • Systems at school emphasises on excellence. It means competing with self instead of competing with others.
  • All these ensure quality time and space required to learn and grow. It adds joy and meaning to the childhood.
  • It also helps children to develop and pursue hobbies of their choice.

Teacher’s partnership:

  • Quality of any school is as good as the quality of its teachers.
  • At Prarthana, to ensure quality teachers, minimize their turnover and maximise their commitment, we …..
  • Select qualified teachers from reputed universities.
  • Provide regular training for their personal and professional growth.
  • Pay handsome salary.
  • Give freedom to explore and experiment innovative ideas.
  • Present opportunities to perform and get promoted as Principal / Director of schools to be established in future.
  • Offer share in the net surplus. Thus they no more remain an employee but the partners of the school.
  • A distinct cell is established to facilitate the above mentioned policies.

Education for parents:

  • Workshop for parents is conducted every month in which parents are updated about…..
  • Intricacies of teachig learning process at school.
  • Educatioal phylosophy.
  • Child psychology.
  • Their role as understanding and supportive parent.
  • Parents are aslo educated through counseling and publications to help them contribute in the development of children.

Education to nurture better human:

  • For anything to be good, it should be complete.
  • In order to nurture better human, wholistic education is provided at Prarthana which gives equal importance to develop…..
  • Head   = Intelligence to understand, think and analyse.
  • Heart   = Emotional intelligence for emotional stability.
  • Hand   = Dignity of labour to work hard.
  • Habits  = Character to serve.
  • Moral values are integrated with academic and non-academic activities.
  • Students learn how to learn! They are encouraged to become self-directed life long learners.

People in management from educational background:

  • Environment and culture of any institution is determined by the people who are at the helm of affairs.
  • Fortunately, People in management at Prarthana are teachers, trainers, founder Principals & academic Directors.
  • They have successfully established reputed schools, teacher training institutions and teacher’s university in past. Thus…..
  • They can empathize with everybody from peon to Principal.
  • They can understand the concerns of parents and students well.
  • They love spending time in classrooms with students instead of managing the school from the office.
  • For them the only business is children’s welfare.

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