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It is universally accepted that for all the problems world is facing today, whether at personal, social, national or at global level, the root cause is gap between the formal education and the social requirement.

Education must be integrated with life and powered by vision, mission and philosophy which respect and reinforce relation with self and other human.

A quest to develop an education system engineered for the welfare of learners and  the betterment of mankind, has evolved as “Prarthana School”.

“Prarthana School” is guided by thoughtfully defined vision, mission, philosophy and carefully designed systems to realize them.


Educating to explore purpose; exercise apt choice; strike balance and establish harmony in life.


Nurturing good humans with strong character and sound competence.


A person who doesn’t have enriched inner life is the slave of his surroundings.

The only way to find your “self” is to lose your “self” in the service of others.

Small is great.

Any act done with totality becomes a prayer.




Why Choose Our Institution?

At Prarthana, innovative concepts are pioneered and integrated into the school system. Thus children studying at Pratthana enjoy distinct advantages.

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