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Namaste and welcome to Prarthana School!!!

“It’s better to nurture a child at present than to repair a man in future.”

It is important to develop future citizens of global village but it is more important to provide supportive environment to fulfil the needs of the development of children at present.

I ensure you, at Prarthana; children will feel understood, respected and accepted as they are. They will not be compared through marks, ranks etc. This in turn will help them accept themselves as worthy human beings. Their learning process will ease and they will feel free to explore.

Children will be encouraged to take risk of venturing into unfamiliar areas; to develop an attitude that learning can happen at all times beyond the boundaries of classroom. They would grow up into self-directed life-long learners!

The priorities in our classrooms are shifted from perfection to excellence; from competition to co-ordination and from comparison with others to comparison with self.

Learning at Prarthana will improve children’s relationship with their teachers, parents, and friends; most importantly with their own self and their life. They will grow up to be self-reliant, sensitive and reflective human beings with high self-esteem and compassion for others.

I assure to justify your trust on us with utmost sincerity. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to serve your child.


MR. Vikram Bant


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